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Some food for thought : A Year in Review 2013

Why Hell-the fuck – O? Please enjoy the music with the read, I was told that music sets the tone for certain stuff.

its been a long time coming but we’re back. Judging by the post count of Blog Entries this year, it may seem like we weren’t as busy as we’re supposed to. The reason for the inactivity, blame a new program called Instagram@standardfunctions, go ahead, you may have heard about it haha

In all seriousness, as much as I would love to write on here, there’s just way to much going on. Traditionally, when I’d write a post, I’d spend hours on end filling as much content as I can to really fill you in on a “day in the life” kinda post. No half steppin on our shit, if you haven’t caught on already… With that said, lets jump fourth with what has to be one of the harder more thought out things to include in this wrap up for the 2013 calendar.

Whats new. Whats old. Whats worth a post.

For starters, A new and more focused entry this year would be the highly anticipated Grom125 brought to you by Honda.

For years now, Our main Focus was that of the Ruckus before Yamaha came in with the Z125. There was a void somewhere, something that needed a change because I’m sure everyone, us included, The Ruckus hit a peak. This “peaking point” stayed where it was and I personally felt like it slowly started to come down if not maintain this stream of… ah fuck, who am I kidding. Its been boring. Really F’n boring.

When the official notice was released, you already know we were on our way to Honda to leave a deposit for a unit or two. Fast forward to August, we were able to get one for ourselves and boy did we enjoy it.

We may be a little over our heads with this, but I have to say… Honda Nailed it with this one. The question EVERYONE and their moms ask, “Will it replace the Ruckus?” I sure hope not, but I can hope that it builds up as much of a Scene as the Ruckus did. I mean Why not? It is the breath of fresh air everyone has been asking for.

The tuning Scene for this little thing is still new, and I’m loving what everyone’s doing with them so far. Another reason why I’m happy that 2013 is over, because I can’t wait to see what 2014 has to offer. I think a lot of the “know it all” guys now a day can bore them selves so quickly over something that they can build over night. Coming from the Golden days, when you had to wait months on end for cool replacement / upgrade parts, this Grom125 really brings me back. The happier and more fun days of tuning, Not to mention a New style of riding. Alot of these guys have never even rode a “Moto” before jumping onto a “scooter”. Its natural to want to learn more and I think that the Grom is here to change that in the mini moto scene. The YSR came close, but really, how many years has that been. The Growth in Socal wasn’t what I thought it would be since release, but with time, I hope to ride with even more shifters and with KillerScooters 2014 Super Sunday right around the corner, I have a feeling my prayers will soon be answered.

2013 also brings for me, an end of a Love/Hate relationship. Maggie May, I surely will miss you.

Through her MANY changes since conception in 2009, I felt the need to give her one last upgrade before the inevitable. From the Signature Kameleon Purple and multiple engine transplants, to her final Teal effect and 66cc heartbeat of a Factory GET for Super Sunday 2013. She’s been a hell of a learning experience.

A few months back, some of the guys offered me some deals I just HAD to refuse but with times changing for me personally, she just had to go. Offers started pouring in after I took it off the sale thread and she was parted out 20 different states to be exact. With time, I’m sure I will add another Ruckus to my Stable, but for now, I’m just enjoying the Grom more than I should be haha

2013, was also a year of Collaboration that I did not see coming. I get an email from Garrett of CycleWorld, a meeting and a few phone calls later, A film Crew was on its way to StandardFunctions as well as a certain Individual this collaboration build will be with, and that is of Mr. Jeff Staple, who trusted us to add a bit of our funk for his daily cruiser around the jungle that is New York City.

Another Project that we dabbled into, the Introduction of our Brass Monkee line. A limited 300pc numeric collection set for all the Alternative smokers out there. It completely blows my mind when I say, it sold out a few weeks before the final production even came out.

Thanks to our friends and team at V-APES, TrendyVape, and Vape Blvd, we were able to introduce to the Vaping world our small collection of these Mechanical Mods and RDA Atomizer kits. Everything from looks, weight, production, packaging, and COST came to mind when we set fourth to make these things. Another reason why I’m waiting for 2013 to end so we can get started on the next one.

Another notable 2013 event, some of the company trips and people we met along the way. Definitely stories that will go down in history for us.

Getting to hang out with Sekizawa-San of TokyoParts and Yu Yamamoto at HawaiiCon2013 was good for the soul as well as finally getting to meet Yutaka of Rat Koubou and the MotoChamp fellas, Nari and Tomo.

Its never a bad thing getting to share a rental property with these clowns either! Although the restroom portion and timing was kinda “shitty” right Jay? Haha

Saying bye to some of my friends that I rarely get to see kinda sucked like usual, but it just gives us a reason to work harder to come back for the next trip.

Speaking of Trips, We also had to privileged of making it up for the annual BLOX event in Northern California to spend time with some of our best friends in the Ruckus world and out. The brotherhood we’ve made through out the years doing this was something NO ONE expected. Our passion for this has really led up to some stories better off shared over a shot of Cognac… or five… or ten. Good times in San Jose, CA. If you only knew. #KIWI2racing

KillerScooter SS2013 was amazing.

Honda USA hosted the first ever GROMPRIX, a definite highlight for us this year

A short trip to Chicago with LOS garage was fun

Utah was cool

My personal car got a nice feature for USDM magazine in Japan with my friend Yogi

The more important of the features this year is getting into a USA publication by the name of “SuperStreet Magazine” is pretty cool too. Talking to the guys during the whole process, I was damn happy it was them to gave us the time to represent for the Ruckus during a time of change. JDM Wong and Crew, Thank you guys.

(Photos are courtesy of SuperStreet. Full feature can be found : HERE )

I’m sure there’s more, but we’ll leave it simple and sweet.

My friends and fellow colleagues, we’ve all seen the up’s and down’s but through it all, we’re still here doing what we love.

What more can we ask for because without you guys, there wouldn’t be a StandardFunctions, Makoa, Composimo, Mnnthbx, Rucksters, Bowls Los Angeles, ChapsGarage, the list goes on.

When we Started off, No one wanted to be caught on a Ruckus… hell any Small displacement moto at that. Our goal as a Collective was to change people’s perspectives.

Have we succeeded? Maybe. Is our Job finished? Far from it.

It brings us great joy to say that 2013 will go out with a Bang. With 2014 quickly Approaching, I wonder what WE as individuals will bring to the table to keep this “scene” going. We’ve seen the guys who come and go. It’s the one’s that’s still here that play a role and influence and inspire to keep the ball rolling.

To the ones who’ve read up to this point, this beer in Hand is a SALUD to you. Why? Because you’ve cared enough to read up till this point like you usually do. The true fans and friends that we at StandardFunctions value. The one’s who pay attention to what we post or say. The one’s who refuse to simply Scroll through pictures because they want to stay updated. The one’s we work so hard for.

Thank you for supporting as always, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Its 2014, What will you do?

Full steam ahead
-Ming of StandardFunctions

Features : Maggie May v.3 : 9/10/13

*All inquires, please forward them to Ming(@), Full details and description of the bike is located on the lower portion of the post*

The Legacy that is Maggie May… Our Pride and Joy is up for sale but not before we give her the send off in proper SF fashion.

We know, we know… its been roughly 5 months since her completion/makeover for the 2013 Super Sunday ride, but what time to finally get the update photos of her before shes sold plus get some introduction photos for her potential new owner? Check it.

We’ve owned and originally conceived Maggie and debuted her for the 2009 Nisei Show WAY the fuck back to stay true to our theme of #daretobedifferent. Rocking a ton of “one off” parts while introducing a few new ones while doing so. The goal, to mind fuck those who needed a fucking (sounds dirty, I know). Being one of the first guys stateside to build a “fatty” before manufacturing the goods for people to do it themselves, the Typical 7 inch or 8 inch wide wheels just wasn’t cutting it no longer, we needed to figure a way to go bigger THUS the 10×10 block of Aluminum you see here was presented. It wasn’t an easy task trying to pull all of these ideas together but with the help of our friends at BOWLSLA and TokyoParts, Maggie was sure to shine. Hell, she even got an honorable mention when she debuted at the 09 SEMA show in Las Vegas. MMv1 in all of her glory… 70cc Zuma Swapped 2t in a 10×10 form… the golden days.

Along side the TokyoParts ORZ which also made its Debut on U.S. soil

Fast Forward a few months, A lucky guy in Canada got his chance to buy the 10×10 2T swap so we arranged for Maggie to be dolled up in Classic GY6 fashion with one of the spare 190cc engines we had laying around for a Ride up north with our #NORCALEMPIRE fam that following weekend. Up she goes thanks to the versatile and interchangeable ATR billet parts. A simple mount, Wheel, Hub and Harness and Bam.

Same story all over, but this time, the 2T bug came back as a group of the homies and I wanted to MOB the Annual TWOSTROKE extravaganza not to far from us, so the GY6 had to kick the curb and with the help of ATR, Maggie May came back in more of a Racing fashion if you will. The standard ATR 2T slim mount went on and she was ready to go.

Sometime in between that, a fellow rider caught wind that I was letting Maggie go so he decided to take her in as his own and had us mod it with his vision in mind… I know right? Back to Gy6 she goes, but this time, a “fatty” Advan tire 232cc was put into play and boy was it fun.

A few months came around and he just didn’t have the time to enjoy her like we did so he offered her back to us at a fraction of the price since he knew how much we missed her and well, you guessed it, we had to change her up once again to her PRE final look but this time, back to the good ol’ fashion GET with a twist. The Intro to our 66.6 CC engine which did more than blow our minds, cruising a comfortable 55mph on PCH passing up GY6 engines for SS2011.

And thus time came, and I finally had her where we wanted. A comfortable and stylish cruiser. Over time she just kinda sat around when she wasn’t out riding or taking a beating. Show after show, we load and unload. Ride after ride, rock chips and Chrome / Polish parts start to Tarnish. My heart sank just looking at her, so I knew it was time to change it up… one last time. We officially present to you, Maggie May of 2013.

The idea for the remake was simple, and I preach it to many who call the shop asking for parts now. What brought us to this “scene” was the love for the Ruckus and the originality of it all. Everything from looks to collecting of rare Japanese parts. A more simple of times…

yet modern enough for today’s “standards”

To show what simple bolt on parts can change the look dramatically with the Hurricane Z bars…

to the rare Gem that is the Yoshimura Tri – Clone CF exhaust that has been reworked by our friend of BTXIND..

Its all in the details, with a mix of old and new. Rat Koubou Billet Triple Tree cover with integrated PIAA headlight. A custom 190mm ATR 10×4 front full dish Brake setup and a plethora of 24k GOLD plated Gojin dress up washers and bolts to hold the bike and Misc Zoomania Carbon pcs together. Every exposed wire and cable was loomed to perfection.

How people would kill for the original “ZOOMANIA” frame stickers you see here. When purchasing wasn’t an option, how many had to replicate them to sell.

My good friend from the Island got me the Rat GT cover as a gift because Maggie had to have it. A discontinued and rare original product by BOWLSLA gas cap tops off the foot section. It was hard but the ultimate decision to paint match ALL of the Carbon Fiber was done. To prevent unwanted scratching and paint chips, we fabricated a side of pegs to comfortably rest our feet when riding.

We also got in to the upholstery business for the Ruckus’, This seat with optional strap will be titled, the Maggie May. Feel free to email us with any requests. (

All in all, its been a hell of a ride (literally) but it just seems fit that she deserves a better place in life besides sitting here and rotting away. Other projects with work and customer work NOT to mention life’s obstacles being thrown at us on the daily is keeping us from really doing what we want to with her, I mean really, the only other engine to Toss in now would be a Z125 swap but that won’t be anytime soon. Do us the favor and take care of her as much as we will. Maggie, we’ll miss you.

For anyone thats interested, please read the following

Owner : Minkus
Model : Honda Ruckus

Specs and quick mods list:
EXTERIOR / FRAME / BODYWORK (from the front to back)
-BLACK powercoat frame + MISC pcs to cover up ALL the raw aluminum bits
-Tokyo Parts Carbon Fiber front fender – JAPAN
-Rat KOUBOU billet headlight triple tree cover and PIAA headlight kit Polished to perfection – JAPAN
-ZOOMANIA front Carbon Fiber frame cover – JAPAN
-ZOOMANIA side CARBON Fiber painted side skirts paint matched – JAPAN
-Rat KOUBOU FRP v1 Gas Tank cover with extended tail wing paint matched – JAPAN
-NEW Honda Ruckus Battery box color matched
-ACEWELL digital gauge (black) installed inside the battery box – EUROPE
-ATR Lowered Seat Frame
-NEW Honda Ruckus rear frame shaved to perfection with custom weld on tabs for side pegs
-DISCONTINUED and RARE BOWLSLA side pegs (black anodize)
-TOKYO PARTS Chrome frame caps – JAPAN
-KIJIMA clear side signals – JAPAN
-ONE OFF ATR CARBON FIBER adjustable chin bone with Anodized Black mounting bracket
-ONE OFF Maggie themed double stitch diamond pattern upholstery / seat
-Custom Wire mesh wrap cables on everything exposed
-24k GOLD gojin Washer kit to COMPLETE the bike. 3 sets were purchased to complete the misc. bolts needed
-DROWSPORTS Carbon Fiber KEY guard
-GOJIN 12v chrome Push button
-TOKYO PARTS rear red anodize BRAKE arm – JAPAN

-STAGE 6 Gunmetal throttle and controller set – EUROPE
-DAYTONA BSC left side mirror – JAPAN
-OURY rubber black grips – USA
-OG HURRICANE adjustable Z handlebar paint / Powercoated matched and anodized Black stem ( original thats been copied over and over ) – JAPAN
-OG Daytona Rightside Master Cylinder BLACK edition – JAPAN
-RARE “ACTIVE BRAND” left side Billet Aluminum Black brake lever – JAPAN
-Custom Russell front stainless brake line with Chrome Russell Banjo bolts
-ATR v2 race front forks with dampening system
-ATR front disc brake hub 10mm – 12mm application
-ATR custom 190mm adaptor for front “fatty” 10×4 wheel
-190mm BRAKING brand brake rotor – ITALY
-ATR Titanium rotor bolts
-10×4 custom full dish “fatty” wheel
-MICHELIN 90 / 90 / 10 s1 tire
-10×10 rear full dish wheel
-225/30/10 INNOVA rear RACER tire
-Custom rear 10×10 rear hub + adaptor
-ATR rear LOWDOWN rear shocks 215mm
-STAGE 6 v2 race kickstarter – EUROPE

-FULL, REDUCED, and MESH covered wire harness
-66.6 CC monster STANDARDFUNCTIONS big bore engine – USA
-J.COSTA Honda Ruckus Race VARIATOR + 2 sets of extra weights- ITALY
-POLINI performance drive belt – ITALY
-POSH RACING performance CDI – JAPAN
-OG ATR ONE OFF 10×10 t6061 anodized BLACK
-SF ONE OFF CUSTOM COOLANT TANK mounted on the CF chin bone
-KIJIMA “muffler” oil catch can – JAPAN
-CUSTOM 4 inch VELOCITY stack for the 22mm KEIHIN slide carb – JAPAN
-BUDDY CLUB racing radiator cap – JAPAN
+ more I’m 100% sure that I left out

I’m almost ashamed to total up the parts to even throw a number out… This bike along with many of my other projects that I’ve collected over years has truly been my pride and joy. A representation of how much I love my bike to even put the time and effort even money into. Its been a great run with Maggie, and it seems about time to find her a new owner who will truly care about her as much as I did.

I really hate to say this but parts minus service alone (including the bike) is close to if not more than 14k :headbashing:

I will start the bid at $7k price lowered

QUOTED from TR : “Now I know this is TR, and I’ve been here long enough to know that there’s gonna be a select group of individuals who will “bash” me and say how much this is a “RIP off” and how you can get a “fully built GY6 bike” for the same price if not better. By all means, save me the trouble and help your selves to those bikes, because Maggie just isnt one of “those” bikes.”

I’m a fare fellow to work with, please send any questions over this way and we can discuss her future.

I know I’m going to regret this, but for the time being… it is what it is :(

-Ming of StandardFunctions

IG : @MING45
C : (626) 675 9769

The bike is located in LOS ANGELES for pick up, Shipping can be arranged at buyers expense

Thank you all for your time.

HawaiiCon13 : Pt 2 #neverhungry

We left off at a Stabbing.

Day 3. We wake up from yet another night of drinking and Jay decides to take a few of us willing to wake up for a morning stroll at the local Swap meet to check out the local digs. I’m sure everyone’s aware of what a Swap Meet looks like so I’ll leave that out and FAT forward to, you got it, more FOOD.

Brahda Achi’ and family woke up in the early AM to secure a nice and scenic spot at the local Park/Beach by the name of Ala Moana. I have yet to see Earl on this trip so I was really looking forward to that. As soon as we arrive, we walk into this…

What I love most about Hawaii, the lively hood and family feel to everything on the Island. The weekly gatherings, at least from how I see it, gives off a very “Family Reunion” type vibe. Not talking about no mini reunion either, I’m talking about middle America, Flying from 50 states type shit. I fucking love it..

Not much planned besides some public drinking and family time so we just went with it and laid back 808 style. There was two things I have yet to do on that trip until that point, ride a bike and eat poké so Gavin, Dana, Andrew, and Roby accompanied me over to the local market so I could contribute to the feast we were about to devour.

Wes, one of which I missed last year while in town for CON, played “Cook” while we casually lounged around and drank our day away. I’ll tell you guys one thing, It was probably best if I didn’t or else we’d be chowing on Char.

Big Sean on the other end manning the Teri Burgers

So as we were about to eat… Remember what I said earlier about everyone being a family? I mean, we already had enough to feed a small Army but the group that set up camp across from us had so much food for their BBQ, that they shot over another TABLE worth of food for our pleasure. I’m talking platters of Grilled Chicken, chicken Katsu’ with an assortment of dipping sauces, even more grilled KBBQ, and a fat bucket of Rice. Only in the 808…

Post meal, the MotoChamp guys took a few of the bikes and it’s owners towards the more scenic part of the beach for some feature coverage for the upcoming issues.

Dana of WWX’s Honda Ruckus that he rode out to enjoy the remaining part of his day off. It sucked for us not having him for the following day because of a random sickness that kicked in over night leaving him at home and he missed the Island ride with us.

Andrew’s 2013 build as pictured. His Sym Cub wrapped up in a months time post #killerss2013. My boy Andrew takes care of me when he can, like most of the friends on the Island, offered me his prized possession to thrash around the island, but I just couldn’t take away from his shine. He deserves all the glory on its debut ride and my hat’s off for sure. This thing is a beauty and I’m counting down the days to see what others take from this with their builds. It takes one man to spark the idea… could this be the start to even more Cub builds here in the states?

Everyone meet Izzy

After the meal, we wrapped up and went back to WWX to drop off a few of the bikes borrowed from storage for the ride the next day. We kinda went on a majority of the day there to mentally gather ourselves with whats to come. Lance, owner of WWX, made plans for us to have dinner with him later on in the night so we did that. While outside of WWX, we hear a 2 Stroker Smashing so we look out and here comes Brian on his built 125cc unleashing a Monster of a wheelie down the quarter mile strip that houses the shop. Impressed, we clap. Brian offers us his two Stroker to test and I, not thinking at all, decide to hop on and enjoy a bit of the fun. I take it easy since I’ll never be comfortable with the power band of the killer two stroke and make a quick run up and down the street. I make a safe pass then I feel a tap on my back, Sekizawa want’s a shot. The group was unease as we see the legend himself hop on (how crazy would it be to say that we saw the legend himself take a fall and really hurt himself right?) Sekizawa explains to us with the best English accent I’ve heard from him all weekend with “Ok, see you later… Sayonara… Bye bye!” And fucking unleashes a monster wheelie of his own. We cheer like little kids as he makes it rounds and on his way back, even does an Indo stop to seal the deal. Too fucking good not to share. I know there are some videos floating around somewhere, Zane, if you’re reading this, please link me when possible! Thanks

Fast forward a few hours… yadi yadi Dinner yadi yadi Femme nu yadi yadi smells like Kim chi yadi yadi after hours Vietnamese bar yadi yadi we sleep for the big ride. Now… for Day 4.

I’m gonna break this down to a 4 part post for the hell of it. There’s just too much to write in one sitting.



It was all a dream… HawaiiCon13 Pt. 1

So I’m sitting here, trying to gather up the right words to describe the Epic and I mean Epic CON we just had. It’s 100 degrees in this garage establishment we have here. Why the fuck am I thinking typing this stuff up now?

Still in a state of trance, not sure where reality lies with all that’s been happening since we got back. My mind is at daze staring into the computer screen here at work and at home trying to catch up with work and customer service that needs attending to. I’ve been mentally drained since Con has passed. The excitement leading to the big weekend, the in between, the missed flight ( we’ll save that for later ), and the inevitable… here typing this. Brain fart, I know. Let’s just get to it and see how this pans out.

I depart LAX early Thursday morning for a solo flight to the Island where I was greeted by my boys Gavin and Roby who picked me up for a mellow TNR feast hosted by Wrench Werks that night. I decided to play it safe and leave the Camera at the Rental property Makoa Jay booked for us to stay that trip. Being as nothing really happened that day besides the usual meet and greet to start off the weekend, I thought I’d simply enjoy the day and start Friday morning as fresh as can be. At Wrench werks, I got to see the usual and finally meet the new, Yutaka of Rat Koubou to name a few. After dinner, the guys decided to go out for a night in town while I decided to catch some Zzz’s for AM breakfast with the guys at Ryan Kalani’s place of business the next day.

What you’ve all been waiting for, I know… what’s a blog without photos.

Fully loaded, our Rental truck held all 13 of us if I’m counting right. We make our way from Waikiki over to the infamous NORTH SHORE where Ryan hooked us up a hearty breakfast to wake our child-like-adult selves up for a full day of fun.

Not one direct photo of Honest on this trip without his facial expression like so. Classic.

The guys recovering from a long night at the local… “dance” club. Rob, Andy, Yutaka, Sekizawa, Johny, and Sonny patiently waiting for breakfast to be served.

The steak and eggs by Ryan himself. The whole meal in picture was worth dying for… I kid you fucking not. Breakfast fit for a king, and we sure lived that weekend like a few. Next time you guys are in town, I suggest you guys stop by Cafe Haleiwa on the North side and help your selves out. Tell him the handsome fellow over at StandardFunctions sent you, you might just walk away with a complimentary jelly or toast with this kind of pull haha

After breakfast, we played the waiting game until everyone finished and hit the road to enjoy a portion of the day at Waimea Bay for some sight seeing and swimming in the true blue pacific. Jay, our savior hauled us pack of dogs everywhere needed and we owe him big for that.

Tony of Rucksters enjoying the drive and beach view mid way. #ruckusroyalty as HM coined it. We had an amazing group with us that weekend, thats for damn sure…

I mean, how often is it that you get to spend a weekend with Tokyo parts, Makoa, Ruckhouse, StandardFunctions, HMP, Rucksters, Rat Koubou, and a representative of the Norcal Empire in one weekend, yet alone, share a company Van with these guys? Probably not. Here, Sekizawa enjoy the sights and sounds Waimea bay had to offer.

Also, I wanted to add… next time you come down to Hawaii, bring a Camera you’re readily familiar with. The weather conditions made shooting photos a bitch and a half with so much changes and flash clouds. I really contemplated leaving the camera off for the entire trip but there was just too much goodness happening to not embed in digital “film”. Waimea offered a really popular tourist attraction and it was that of this Rock. I really thought about jumping off until I saw it in person… now that I take a look back at these photos I regret it. Given the same situations next year, I’m not gonna lie, I’d probably do the same and just stand there staring at what could have been haha.

Our good friend Darren and his family came out and treated us to a mid day snack while we soaked in the beautiful (hot as fuck) Hawaii sun. The popular Spicy shrimp on Rice and side order of Friend Banana crepes were fucking delicious even an hour after the heavy breakfast. You never… I repeat “never” turn down food when another man and his family offers. Rewarding rules to live by, Full stomach or not.

Family photo for Darren, Thanks for the 808 hospitality guys! I have to step up my sand drawing skills for your boy Next time. Hopefully he can show me up next year! haha

Mandatory group shot courtesy of two random strangers that volunteered to help. Funny story that can be seen courtesy of ScootTV here, a tattoo’d man and elderly woman walked up at the same time and asked if they could lend a helping hand in taking these photos for us, I handed my Camera over to the woman knowing that even if she were to take off running, I would be able to catch up and tackle her if need be. Oh the memories… haha

On the way back into town, we stopped by a “moped” rental so Johny and Andy could secure a pair of bikes for the big Sunday ride. Shortly after we went back to the room to shower up then hit Wrench Werks once again for another EPIC BBQ.. The MotoChamp guys landed a bit early and was already at WWX waiting for us so we tried to rush back, but who would have thought that Thirteen grow up men trying to share two available restrooms would be such a headache. This shot was taken outside of the rental house where Rain can be seen coming down without a Cloud in sight and the Sun in full effect, only in Hawaii are you willing to stand in the rain to wait it out. California, you wouldn’t even think twice and just take cover somewhere and never come back out until it fully dries.

We arrive at Wrench Werks and finally get to meet the guys of MotoChamp. I’m diggin the new sign and shop layout

(L – R) Yu, our resident stateside photog for MC is no stranger to the StandardFunctions Family, Nari (MC), Tomo (MC), Yutaka, and Sekizawa. I went into this trip thinking that communication would be a HUGE issue with the Japanese guys since we all shared the place of living for the weekend, but all in all it wasn’t too bad and we got our point through in every conversation. All it takes is a little beer and we were having full on talks. Who would have thought? Alcohol sure brings out the best in people.

Cheers to a new friendship. These guys are too funny to be with.

I walk back outside while Lance and team prep the big feast, No juices left behind. Grade A stuff.

Rod and Ryan in the background

The guys outside doing what they do best. Roby, Gavin, and Nari hanging out.

I can’t help but think about why I love this Ruckus stuff so much. It’s the little things like, trying to lift a bike off the back of a truck to remind me why, the Comradary from near and far is always there for you whether you need it or not. It takes nothing but two guys to help lift a bike, but not with My friends they don’t.

The break before dinner also gave me time to catch up with all the friends swarming in from all over Town. Ian for example, was actually celebrating a joint birthday for himself and his daughter which they share the day with, but that wasn’t enough to hold him back from coming down to visit his friends. Ohana

The bikes lined and dolled up ready for the celebration

Gavin Oh-My. More on this later

Big Bruddah Jay of Makoa and Sekizawa-san of Tokyo parts sharing a moment. If I don’t remind you enough already Jay, I love you and thank you big time for bringing everyone together my friend. Some people don’t take the time to realize the work and effort you put upon your self in putting this together… and I’m one of them. lol you know i’m kidding man

My long time homie Jensen (NorcalEmpire) and Yu Yamamoto (MC) flew all the way from Norcal to attend this trip, I can’t help but think what would happen if one was missing from the “Wolfpack” as I’d like to call it for Hawaiicon13.

The food’s done cooking, and the Sun is about to set. Let’s eat

Sean, Johny, Tony, and Andy(?) made it back on time from a quick stroll through Waikiki before dinner

Andrew with his Right Hook, killer noodles. I’m never the type to eat this stuff until Tony (rucksters) dared me to try. Panda Express really ruined the egg noodle experience for me until this came into me life. Andrew, has shown me the light. haha

Kanak Attack

Struggling for breath after all that food, everyone decided to part ways to get ready for the next day’s adventure. It was about 10pm and the Wrench werks guys needed some rest so everyone kind of made plans to do whatever seemed fit at the time. Gavin, Ian, and I went to a local Korean bar right around the corner from WWX and got Watermelon wasted while the other fellows decided to hit town and hit up a club in Waikiki.

Like we stated earlier, it was Ian’s birthday and in typical Minkus Fashion, I couldn’t let the dude go home until he starts slurring random shit or throw up in the process. We partied until the Wee hours of 2:30 am until it was time to meet up with the Wolfpack and call it a night for the Big Ala Moana Beach BBQ my brother Achi had planned for us. There’s just too much to fit in on this little story board so I’ll keep it short. On the way to meet with the guys, they tell us that they witnessed an attempted murder on the way to the club. Two guys stabbed a man with his wife in an attempted robbery and the Wolfpack were eye witness to it so they stayed back until the cops showed up… I had concern so I made to sure to ask if everyone was safe and they insisted that they were. “Welcome to Hawaii huh?” says Gavin. You know what was the funniest thing of it all… while they witnessed a stabbing at the park, I attempted to do some stabbing of my own at the local bar… with my dong in a local chick. *zinger* I’m kidding

That will be it for now, I’ll finish up part two which isn’t too long from now. Part 2 will include Saturdays festivities as well as the Big Sunday Ride before I try to work on a new segment here on, Man and Machine.

Mahalo and thanks for reading


How we spent our fucking weekend : SuperSunday 2013 PT. 4 : Final

Additional photos and downloadable sizes can be found at the following link : Click here

And here we go, the last and my personal favorite set of photos for KillerScooter’s annual Super Sunday coverage.

So…as we depart the almighty SGV and ride to no mans land (sorry Steven and Shawn) we find our selves on a very peaceful cruise and the weather is GREAT… but lets not get ahead of ourselves, yet. The cool breeze of AM Socal weather with no cars on the road made for some awesome rolling shots.

I tried to photograph as much as I could but I wouldn’t be such a good “support truck” driver if I just passed everyone up right?

Wiljai and Hai leading the way

Shakas from my brother Steve / S3

Tony of Brightside Brought out and rode his EFI turbo Gy6, I can’t wait to get more photos of this thing when I’m up north next month for BloxOH2013. A much needed feature is coming soon.

Jensen’s GP6 never disappoints

Tony eyeballing the gauges to make sure everythings running the way its supposed to

McNickels and that paint job of his… fresh.

Chris doing the FilthyBear

Another good friend and Chicago care taker of mines, Jonathan aka JDmoto aka “I like flavored Ice” Roaming the streets on Kevin’s Ladonna. I’m starting to notice the connection of photos with Gang signs on this ride. Welcome to LA right? ha.

We even have the Sheriff getting in on the mix. What up Manny man! Go fuck a goat.

Jimmy on that Steady C3. Will we see a rise in C3 builds for 2014?

couple or so what minutes later, there was a little situation that I will discuss in a bit, but we pulled over for a quick rest stop to freshen up. Andrew and Gavin wanted to ride, so we unloaded 2013 Maggie as well as a freshened up 2013 Topanga for their enjoyment

Moving on over to the Soccer van, we catch Bobby (IwannaGofast), Robert , and Bruddah (always on the fucking phone) Jay.

Additional photos and downloadable sizes can be found at the following link : Click here

The shit keeping me alive and awake

We finally made it… 2 hours fashionably late of course. As soon as we get out to unload whatever bikes we need unloading, Jason and I immediately scramble to gather whatever we could with the time allowed. Thanks to Jason, we were able to capture what you see here and the first thing that catches my attention, Mojo John and his fleet of side carts.

The homie Johnny of Socal and Danny who traveled all the way from TX. Sorry we didn’t get a chance to talk sir, but you should understanding after getting a first hand experience of what SS is really about. Bitchin bike and scheme on this 2T!

Ron’s custom Honda Ruckus trike built by our friends at Rucksters came out fucking tits. Much appreciated ride for a very deserving guy.

If style is one thing, then our friend Zeekus is on a whole other level. Repping for the killer Kamp, you already know Zacks bike will be all things Killer…

…even down to the fucking SSR “super fin” inspired wheels by killer himself.

Speaking of wheels, remember that little incident we pulled over for before? I’ll save the small talk about quality to myself. Save a few dollars and go flying over the handle bar? No thanks.

IE Rucks and Chapsgarage / Stickybelts

I wish the bikes weren’t so separated from each other, It would have made for some killer group photos.

May I have your attention please? It’s not an official rally unless there’s a riders meeting.

Yu of Motochamp, Chant, and the killer himself

After the meeting, we hit the road where I’m handed a map as the support truck driver. 3 to 4 hours later I don’t see anyone… Gavin (my navigator) and I are driving down a lonely 2 way highway with nothing in sight but Ricky Bobby who we run into very last minute. I follow him thinking he knew the way, but also because of the map, until we hit a dead zone with no Reception on our mobiles. We get out of the car and try our best to navigate the way out of that part of town in 105 degree weather untill we decide to follow the same 2 lane highway until we get some sort of reception to make a phone call. Yadi yadi we get reception yadi yadi we’re somehow 15 miles LOCALLY off track yadi yadi we drive the 15 miles locally to meet up yadi yadi we somehow have 25 additional local miles of driving to where everyone was waiting for us off of the map yadi yadi we show up just to find out that it was really time for us to go as the heat was taking a toll on a lot of the bikes that just couldn’t bare with the situation. We made the executive call for our sake and called it quits to ensure that all the bikes and riders get back safe as space and storage on the trucks are now full. For those who questioned our intentions, I dare you to rethink the situation when you’re “bulletproof” bike breaks down on you in the middle of no where and the only ride you could possibly get is another 2 – 3 hours away and you’re stranded on an empty stomach. In typical SS fashion, the Curse of Super Sunday strikes again.

After separating from the group, I get a call from a friend a few miles ahead that needed a lift. As we go, for some reason the bikes started dropping like flies. We do what we can with the space available and pick up those needed before we find a freeway and shoot straight back to unload and cross our fingers in hopes that everyone else makes it back without a scratch and they did. Here’s a photo to give you an idea of what EVERYONE had to go through. Slightly dramatic and awesome at the same time. Super Sunday, a two word sentence that deserves its rightful place for the old saying “no pain, no gain”. I mean really, how helpful is a full truck that pulls up just to tell you “no, we’re full”

Slightly sun burnt and sleep deprived— even present day typing this, I can only reflect back to what is now a memory of all the Super Sundays. All things said and done, the hard part of this whole thing was NOT working on the bikes as many would assume. I would say its more so the friends and people that have to go back to their regular average lives and countdown until next years ordeal we call SS. The time with friends mean the most to us, the the time on the bikes is nothing but a bonus.

(photo borrowed from part 2)

Post SS is really a time for many to reevaluate and plan for the “next” big one. Many people have in their mind set that the “next” one is for their own taking and how their “Next” build will triumph over all builds in SS past… which is silly as fuck if you ask me. I say this… grab yourself a beer and sit down to think about how foolish that sounds. Now open up that beer and enjoy it instead of sitting behind a computer screen thinking like you’re king shit (am I right?) Alot of people tend to jump on the forums and bash/criticize the ride and how it was too hot, No map or sense of direction, or how it “sucked” like the organizers could magically alter the weather, individually hand all 300 riders a map and expect them to multitask, or throw a $20 in the pocket of some child crying behind a computer screen. Imagine the headache it would cause if he did so. EX One person decides to break off and go home, next thing you know, the individual has a pack of 50 following him like he was the new leader of the ride. Ah, how times have changed and thats awhole other story in itself, but its time to move on so lets get to my final thoughts.

What I would really like to say is thanks… (in no particular order with no names in fear me leaving out people who truly deserve the mention because I’m a gentlemen, and that’s what gentlemen do haha)

Thanks for the memories.

Thanks for the guys who hustled to put this together.

Thanks to those who showed up.

Thanks to everyone who played their roles

Thanks to everyone who played support truck

Thanks to all of the out of town guests that had the fucking time of their lives

Thanks to all of those who complained

Thanks to all of those who got this far in my post ( no really, thank you )

Thanks to all of those who agree with me


Thanks to all of those who don’t

This is nothing but my .02 cents about it all. I mean, whose gonna take me serious? I’m just a guy who enjoys riding my bike.

Until next time, because I spent way too much time working on this post haha


Additional photos and downloadable sizes can be found at the following link : Click here

How we spent our fucking weekend : SuperSunday 2013 PT. 3

Pt. 3 starts off early AM on April 28th, 2013. The big day is finally here…

4 or so hours of sleep later, we come back to an oh so familiar place. The morning started off real slow as we were still recuperating from the night priors shindig. The AM gloom didn’t help one bit besides keep the sun off our back as the guys had a 1.5 hour ride towards the designated meet up spot in Rancho Cucamunga. We roll the bikes out and warm them up for the initial ride.

We were destined to be late as we played the “waiting” game standing around for 2 hours or so. The meet up time was scheduled at 8am in Rancho, we didn’t leave until 8:30 or so here in the SGV. Not wanting to take any risks, we tried and rushed with the best of our abilities

As the guys slowly trickle in, Derek of #DMBK thought that it would be a great idea to start the morning off right with a brew in hand.

So we progressed a little more than just standing in front of the Garage on over to the drive way. Yo, progress is progress haha. Shameless plug – the AM weather made it the perfect time to put on our NEW SF crest pullovers. HMU

Tell me how you really feel about the waiting situation Ryan and Andrew?

Or maybe even Half asleep party animal Gavin and Dana

What better way to kill time than to pretend to read a magazine in a foreign language. Big Brother Peter, KillaB, and the homie Chris in his “300″ get up

The guys finally show up and we’re off towards the OG HATe to scoop up any of the locals waiting to get… well, scooped up. Stephan riding the 2013 make over of the original Marble Madness, now rocking a new paint scheme keeping with the marble effect and seat combo.

After gassing up and spending a few minutes at the HATe to gather up and plan the long Motherfucking day ahead of us. I take the time to capture the sights of what surround me.


Jensen getting ready for battle

Steve and the Brightside homies in the back.

Big brother Hung repping for #BrightsideScooterworks. These guys take care of me every damn time, and I can’t wait until BloxOH2013 comes around

San Jose Sharks teal.

The homie Ryan catching that 2nd wind of his

And we’re off… unfortunately you’re gonna have to stay tuned for the last batch of photos on Part 4 of the coverage. Hint for tomorrow, a shit ton of Roller shots.

Almost there…

SF crew

How we spent our fucking weekend : SuperSunday 2013 PT. 2

Moving on to part two of our annual KillerScooter SuperSunday coverage, things start to get a little blurry at this point. The people at the shop were running around like mad men while I willingly chose to sit around and drink my day away. I know right?

Please enjoy the song with the read in any and all blogs that we post, we pride ourselves in the music we listen to right Ricky Bobby? haha

J’s Newly done “fuckyourlife” exhaust

At this point, you can already assume that I’m drunk, lazy, relaxed, what ever you want to label me as… I probably was. A few of the guys and I just sat around and stared into (dirt driveway for those who’ve been to the garage) what we imagined as an exotic beach that day, somewhat of a Corona commercial if you will, with beers and more beers on hand. The day couldn’t have gotten any better at that point, but oh yes it did.

The following picture means a shit ton to me and the crew as we got to spend the weekend with a legend and local hero in our little Totalruckus world. Bobby and his dad Andy made the trip down to hang with us on this joyous day, if you have to ask who Bobby is, I suggest you do some reading on TR to catch up. (Iwannahealfast). Pictured from left to right, we have McNickels, Bobby, Pops, Alcoholic Hannah, Geoffrey, Muah, Ricky Mother Fucking Bobby, and Robert and Robert of

My bruddah Jay got project smoothy back on the road as promised and took it out for another test ride to ensure a full days ride on Sunday.

A little back story behind Jay and I, we take care of each other and do what we can when we get to hang out that once or twice a year. If he wants to watch a fucking UFC fight, I go out of the way to make it happen. One call to my brother Peter and we bring an actual portable Dish antenna and Box plus my Personal TV from my room and set the sucker up for everyone’s enjoyment. Ohana like he would say.

Shots, shots, shots, shots like a Lil Jon single.

For me personally, I like to wait til everyone drinks so I can see inside their souls their “shit” faces. Case in point, My homie Eric AKA EFZ haha

Then the casual point and laugh followed by my own drink… and they return the favor. Its a vicious cycle with the friends this time of year.

Meet my Friend and Fellow #DMBK homie Desmond, anyone care to guess the age of this young lad? Quick side story, the night prior at the Far bar as told in the last post, Desmond told me he doesn’t drink after I offered him a few drinks on the house and what not. I didn’t think much of it, if they won’t drink, I don’t judge. Fast forward to this picture when it was taken, homeboy took down a whole bottle of Sailor Jerrys to his damn self. Talk about sharing.

Eric dressing up his newly acquired Arai helmet with that #808RC steez thanks to Ryan K.

Bright MFing side

Another look at Smoothy. I had no idea it was wrapped, I along with everyone else was always under the impression that this was painted. Kudos on the awesome work and attention to detail. Something this “scene” is lacking now days IMHO.

Maggie and Topanga freshened up and riding side by side once again. More on these two later on.

Not much happened after this besides getting some much needed rest before the BIG day that Sunday. 3 – 4 hours of sleep should be good enough.

Before we jump into Part 3, I really want to remind everyone how fucking awesome of a time I had and I hope you all feel the same. Nothing will beat such camaraderie we all have as friends over a mere bike. I’ve said it and I’ll say it again… the bikes we love are just the beginning to it all. My friends that made it down past or present, the memories can’t be bought… although it can lead to a plane ticket, where we can chill and make a new. Shout out to the homies Ryan, Big Jason, KillaB, and whoever else who helped Man the grill that night. If there’s anyone out there that just so happened to take photos from our party, please email me some high resolution photos… that 100 lbs BBQ pig that we ate to be exact. Ahh, the good times.



How we spent our fucking weekend : SuperSunday 2013 PT. 1

Damn, how time flies… Super Sunday 2013 was gone with a blink of an eye.

What seemed like a life time of waiting and work needed completing come New Years days 2013, all that is nothing but a memory now. This years schedule wasn’t much different compared to last, besides a little more prep work to make sure everyone who came down to hang with the crew was taken care of. I’d much rather prefer it this way if I say so myself. My friends and family that came from near and far for this annual “hoedown” I salute you all.

I’m gonna start this post off with one special thanks to my big homie Jason who manned the camera for me as I was… you know… getting drunk. I’m not gonna lie, once that Thursday and Friday hit, my little vacation was on. As soon as that first alcoholic beverage was cracked open, there was no turning back (the people who participated will vouch) The first set of photos was how we spent our last few hours at the shop before the sun set and I took the guys down to my favorite spot in DTLA – FAR BAR followed by some random Naked female boxing spot shortly after. Good times to say the least.

Corsport x Suba performance Yamaha C3 they recently built and brought down for SS. Click HERE for an additional read / feature we wrote about a few weeks back for those who may have missed it.

Lil Chris and Jay’s Ruckus repping for my #NORCALempire fam

Tony and Honest of #KIWI2RACING

Before we took off, you know we had to prep for the big day on Saturday. Some overnight KBBQ Marinate and refrigerate and we’ll be good. Keep in mind, this is just the ribs portion.

FAST forward a few hours and we’re back at SFHQ prepping for the big day. Slightly hungover, we make it through the day (most of it) as some of the guys gathered up to ride the “shop hop” courtesy of Tony of Kiwi2.

Steve of s3Industries and his almighty Yamaha z125. Stay thirsty fools. #daretobedifferent


BIG Chris, Zeb, and Mcnickles doing some maintenance work.

Travis ready to ride

Mcnickels home made Beef jerky that he’s been bringing down as a traditional gift to SF…

…along with this tall boy of Hennessy to keep the creative juices flowing. Always chilled and on ice and ready to drink. SF’s starting to look like a scene from a rap video.

The “shop hop” making its way into town.

Lucky, laid out and ready to enjoy the festivities

KillaB taking care of the grill and feeding the masses waiting in line.

We’re gonna end PT. 1 with project Creme Smoothy (which is another bike I would love to shoot and feature in due time) The bike ran like a champ from my understanding but it had some issues with the bolts backing out mid ride but bruddah Jay was on top of his game when we got it back to the office, getting it ready to ride the big ride we all know as #killerss2013.

My liver fucking hates me.